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The River Don District 


The site

The River Don District (RDD) is comprised of three underused adjoining plots of land in Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley, to the south of Meadowhall. It is bounded to the west by the River Don and to the east by the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche car centres and the A6178. The site is brownfield, having previously been used for industrial purposes, and is only currently used as overflow car parking  for Meadowhall on rare occasions.

The River Don District   

The River Don District


Our proposals

The RDD has an existing planning permission dating back ten years for an office-led, mixed-use scheme. The property market in this area is changing rapidly, so we will be submitting a new outline planning application in September to secure ‘in-principle’ approval for our plans for the site, whilst allowing flexibility to refine precisely what the final form of the development will be at a later date.

Designs of buildings and scale and massing will be determined if outline permission is granted. Subsequent to the granting of outline planning permission, an application to approve the details of our plans would have to be approved before any development can progress.

Supporting the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID)

Advanced manufacturing and the health-related sectors are booming locally in an area increasingly referred to as the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID), with its primary focus around Waverley in Rotherham, Sheffield Business Park and the Lower Don Valley where the RDD is located. Despite this, land supply for these uses is limited. Our proposals would aim to change this.

We intend to develop the RDD to provide the type of units in demand in the area, with the majority focused on helping new innovation-based businesses in the area to flourish. The application will therefore allow the following uses to be located on the site:

  • Manufacturing and research units for major occupiers (Class B2 – general industrial and B8 – storage or distribution);
  • Premises for growing and new start-up companies (Class B1 – offices for research or industry);
  • A number of units for other purposes.


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A key part of developing AMID is the need for better quality public spaces to encourage people to meet, socialise and share ideas, as well as small-scale local facilities to improve the working environment. Consequently, these aspects would also feature in the development.

To view the event materials that were on display at the drop-in session, please see the Downloads section of our website.


Public transport, walking and cycling

The RDD is well served by public transport. The Meadowhall Public Transport Interchange, with both bus, National Rail and Supertram provision, is within a 15-minute walk from the centre of the site. 

Several bus services route through or run directly adjacent to the site providing a direct connection with Sheffield city centre and Rotherham. The Meadowhall South-Tinsley and Carbrook tram stops (Yellow and Purple routes) are within a 10-minute walk, whilst tram-train will shortly provide connectivity to Rotherham. 

There is good pedestrian provision within the RDD, which also forms part of National Cycle Network route 6, offering more direct pedestrian and cycle connections towards the Passenger Transport Interchange, Rotherham and Sheffield city centre.

There is good cycle provision around Meadowhall Way and further improvements to this and the pedestrian network will be implemented as part of developments in the area.


Through the planning process we will work with Sheffield City Council and Highways England to test the impacts of the development on the highway network. Initial technical assessments have been undertaken for the application and suggest that  new proposals for the site will not have any additional impacts on congestion or air quality than the previous scheme which was consented, based on the same highway improvement strategy.

There will also be a Travel Plan supporting the planning application to ensure future occupiers of the site carry out journeys to and from the RDD by modes other than by car, and to make the most of the highly accessible public transport and cycle networks within the area.




Development of the RDD will bring a number of benefits to Sheffield and local communities:


It will bring a currently derelict site back into use, adding vibrancy to the area and improving the look and feel of the surroundings. 


By developing the right premises for businesses such as advanced manufacturing and/or health and wellbeing, development of the RDD will help to drive forward the growth of these strategically important innovation-led industries, which are crucial to the future of the City Region. 


Up to 4,800 new employment posts can be delivered on the site, accessible both locally and from across the City Region area via the excellent local transport connections.  


There is the potential for the site to contribute to delivering the emerging AMID vision, potentially combining manufacturing, office or research space with high quality public realm and places to socialise, linked in to the City Region’s transport infrastructure.

Contact us

British Land is committed to engaging with stakeholders and members of the public. Before submitting an outline planning application, we’d like to hear your views on our proposals.

We are holding a pre-application public consultation on our plans from the 31st August to the 21st September 2018. This is an opportunity for you to view our outline plans and give your views.  

You can provide feedback by calling our consultation team via our freephone number on 0808 169 8170 or by
emailing us at info@river-don-district.co.uk

We are also hosting a drop-in session on Thursday 6 September 2018, 2:30pm to 6:30pm, The Source Skills Academy, 300 Meadowhall Way, Sheffield, S9 1EA, where you can view the proposals and discuss them with our consultation team.

To view the event materials that were on display at the drop-in session, please see the Downloads section of our website.

We want to hear your views. Please fill in this feedback form and tell us your thoughts on the proposals.